About our Kitchen Remodel Process

For the past 10 years, Cummings Remodeling and Flooring has been your trusted kitchen remodeling partners for homeowners looking for an outstanding kitchen remodel job in western mass. Our designers can work with you to create custom designed Kitchens that stand the test of beauty and time. We will work with you to build it in the most efficient and timely manner possible ensuring the new remodel brings a smile to your face.

We partner with the following national brands for your choice:

Diamond Manufacturer LogoWellborn Forest Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

What do I need for my Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen RemodelThe first step when remodeling your kitchen is for you to decide what you really want from your remodel. We will work with you to show you options and help you narrow what works best for your home.

What are your core needs? Do you need more storage? Do you want more space for entertaining?

Some questions to ask as you narrow your options include:
• What do you not like about your current kitchen?
• What are my space needs?
• What layout will work best for my space?
• Does my layout need to change?
• What updates do I need to make?
• How will this change impact the sales value of my home?

Setting your Budget and working with us

Now that you have determined what you want, we will work with you to determine the budget for the items you have described as must haves. Once this meeting has occurred our kitchen designer will work with you on planning out and eventually building out your new kitchen remodel.

What are you waiting floor?

Your floors provide you with more than just the surface to walk on - they are an integral part of your home. The flooring contractors at Cummings Floor Covering & Remodeling specialize in making sure your flooring needs are exceeded.