Kitchen Cabinet Remodels

Cummings Remodeling and Flooring is your best choice for Cabinet remodels in Western Massachusetts. We offer solutions to conventional remodels for homeowners who are looking to improve the quality and value of their home.

When remodeling your kitchen cabinets, planning ahead will help you get all of the kitchen organization and storage you need. We will work with you to measure your appliances and build custom cabinets around them to take advantage of the space in your kitchen for maximum effect and comfort.

Framing appliances not only creates a seamless look in your kitchen, but it provides more pantry room!

Changing your cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet RemodelChange out your old cabinets for new and improved cabinets that match the design of your kitchen.

Cabinets with push latches, integrated handles, or edge pulls are perfect for mastering a simple yet modern look. But if a major cabinet overhaul is not in the kitchen remodel budget, opt for some DIY projects to upgrade existing cabinets like repainting or installing hardware yourself.

Selecting Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right cabinets enhances your kitchen’s functionality and style. We guide you through the various types of cabinets and grades to determine the best fit for your needs and budget. Your choices include a wide array of options from the following manufactures:

Whether you want a cabinet system that offers superior storage and organization, reflects your unique style or a combination of both, we help you find the perfect fit for your culinary space.

What are you waiting floor?

Your floors provide you with more than just the surface to walk on - they are an integral part of your home. The flooring contractors at Cummings Floor Covering & Remodeling specialize in making sure your flooring needs are exceeded.