Granite Countertop Installations

Get the Elegant Look You Deserve

Granite counter topsAt Cummings Floor Covering, we have the ability to custom fabricate granite countertops for your home or business. For nearly 40 years, we have provided Springfield, MA and surrounding area customers with the ability to visit our showroom during the remodel process, and hand select slabs of granite for their project.

Benefits to Having Granite Countertops in Your Home or Business

1. Granite Countertops Are Easy to Maintain
Granite Countertops are one of the easiest surfaces to maintain in your home or business. They are ideal for corporate or hotel restrooms, and even more fitting for residential bathrooms andkitchens.

2. Many Beautiful Colors to Choose From
Come visit our Springfield, MA showroom in person and pick from a gallery of different granite options. You can then match your countertops to the cabinets and new floors you choose during the same consultation!

3. Granite Countertops are More Affordable Than You Think
The value that granite countertops add to your home provide enough reasoning to make the upgrade. To make the decision easier, we provide incentive to homeowners by reducing the labor and import cost by having many supplies in our showroom, as well as minimizing the number of workers, and companies, involved in the project.

Simplify your buy with the flooring, cabinet, and granite countertop experts at Cummings Floor Covering.

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